Metrans... You'll notice the difference...

Since 1989, Metrans has been providing quality same-day courier and transport services at a competitive price.

Our dedicated  customer service and operations team manages all of your deliveries, so you can worry less about shipments and focus on your core business instead.

If your business revolves around same-day shipping and time is of the essence, then depend on Metrans to do the job for you

Metrans provides service to many different industries including

Construction - Pathology - Medical - Mail - Printing - Legal - Retail & Wholesale

When you want efficient, professional service, you can count on Metrans!

Local Control Centres

Metrans has multiple advanced control centres with a modern fleet of monitored van, trays and taxi trucks.

All Goods Delivered

Using the latest dispatch and tracking software we ensure that all your deliveries are completed in full and on-time.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of deliveries are available online in real time.